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By: KC | April 18, 2017

The only problem with mixing my bujo and my journaling is that I can't plan ahead. I'm ready to sketch out May layouts, but I don't know how many pages I'll need for entries until then. Should I separate the two? I'm tentatively thinking yes.

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By: KC | April 01, 2017

Marvel VP of Sales Blames Women and Diversity for Sales Slump. Never mind that every week for the past how many years, there have been multiple events that shoehorn crossovers into every individual series. Never mind that these crossovers force major heroes to act out-of-character in order to further temporary storylines. Never mind that they couldn't have been a more obvious cash grab. No, blame the womens and the POCs. It's much easier. 

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By: KC | April 01, 2017

I do all my journaling via pen and paper lately. Bullet Journaling has me in its grasp, and I love it. I use it for long form entries more than anything else, but I also track my comics and tv shows and books and recipes. I don't do much with tasks, because all my tasks are housework, and housework is the absolute worst. Don't trust anyone who likes housework. They're hiding something. Possibly bodies.

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By: KC | September 05, 2016

I've been playing around with OSS (open-source software) and trying to increase my knowledge of basic PHP/Javascript/possibly Python (although so far, I am not doing very well with it. But I persevere!). I'm keeping track of my adventures in code via bookmarks here (using one of my successes, Shaarli).

It's not a complete list, but I'm working on it. I've installed/uninstalled so much stuff over the past few weeks that it's hard to keep track of the non-successes. (Screw you, non-successes.) I've had great successes with RSS readers, CMS software and photo galleries, so expect to see a lot of that in the bookmarks.

I still am entirely incapable of using WordPress for blogging, because I get distracted by the shiny, shiny plugins. I have ...

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